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The Anaya Group Approach
Why The Anaya Group?
The Anaya Group Approach:

The Anaya Group believes every positive change must address and, ultimately, provide trade-offs amongst the following key elements:

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The ability to deliver customer satisfaction;
The ability to operate the business in an efficient manner;
Where appropriate, the ability to develop and foster control in your business operations; and
The ability to meet the objectives of your business and deliver superior results.
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At the outset of our engagement, these key elements must be understood by the stakeholders and every effort made to define specific measurements of success and the linkage between customer needs, business objectives, and functional goals.

To facilitate this approach, The Anaya Group believes in establishing a masterplan and governance for the engagement. This master plan will provide the vision, objectives, goals, key transformation questions, initiatives, dependencies, constraints, and timelines for the engagement.

The Anaya Group also believes in the need for cross-functional, professional teams that work in a highly collaborative basis. Moreover, the early involvement of all key stakeholders will be critical to the success of the change management process.

From the creation of the vision to the solution development and delivery, The Anaya Group believes in providing business leadership. However, this hands-on approach may vary for each initiative based on client needs, but the underlying principle is the same…we will work together to meet your business leadership initiatives.

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Why The Anaya Group?
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Our professional services are based upon positive results achieved in client environments and leadership industry backgrounds;
We offer a unique blend of customer focus, functional expertise, technology know-how, business management skills and the ability to apply them on a cross-functional basis from day one of the engagement;
We will develop a deep understanding of your customer and business needs and work together on a shared platform for change which incorporates your vision, objectives, and goals;
We are business partners and will begin the process of knowledge transfer at the outset of our relationship;
Where we don't have the expertise, we will tell you upfront, and if requested, offer recommendations on alternative solutions;
We will provide you an objective evaluation of your current status and the options available to you to meet your business needs;
We will develop your people and elevate their performance consistent with your business needs;
We will transform your back-office operations to client-oriented solutions;
Our objective is to facilitate your success and enhance your organization, not to sustain our existence through mountains of paper and assessments.
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